2015. máj. 13.

Music and Record Industry 2.

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41 Years of Music Industry Change, In 41 Seconds…

This is US-based data, and each pie represents 100% of total recording revenue.
Created by the RIAA, using their shipments and revenue database.

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The Music Industry Has 99 Problems.

1. The music recording is failing. Across the board, artists are experiencing serious problems monetizing their audio releases.

2. Recording revenues have been declining for more than 10 years, and they continue to decline precipitously year-over-year. This has dismantled the label system, once the most reliable form of artist financing.

3. Digital formats continue to grow, but not enough to overcome broader declines in physical CDs.

4. Even worse, the evolution of formats keeps pushing the value of the recording downward. Streaming pays less than downloads; downloads paid less than CDs. And the next thing after streaming will probably be even worse.

5. There is little evidence to suggest that this downfall is being made up by touring, merchandising, or other non-recording activities.

6. Streaming is rapidly becoming the dominant form of music consumption. It also pays artists the worst of any formats before it.

7. Post-album, artists and labels have failed to establish a lucrative, reliable bundle to monetize their recordings.

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