2014. márc. 9.

Real DJ!?

Valóban ilyen a "Real DJ"?

A "Real DJ" fogalma arra jó, hogy szembeállítsuk a kamuzó, gombnyomogató, pózoló (fake, fale, suck - not a dj) álDJ-kel. Az már külön kérdés, hogy kit tekinthetünk "igazi" DJ-nek; elég, ha "élőben" adja elő a műsorát, vagy más, több kritériuma is van.


Real DJs use vinyl. Real DJs would never let a record get scratched or scuffed. Real DJs take one step back from the decks and pull off a massive, highly visible shrug when their prized Underground Resistance 12" skips all over the place, causing the music to come to a juddering halt mid-set. Real DJs should always bring their own needles and never rely on the headshells at the venue that haven't been serviced since 1902. Because no-one is buying your attempt to blame it on a mini earthquake.

A-Trak Shares His Opinions on Celebrity DJs


There’s been quite a bit of talk lately about celebrity DJs and whether they should be considered “real DJs.” While the debate has been going on for years, last month’s routine video from Craze helped rekindle the discussion, and recent interviews with T-Pain and comedian Russell Peters sparked controversy.

The latest notable artist to speak on the issue is A-Trak. During an interview with VladTV, the Fool’s Gold co-founder shared his opinions on celebrity DJs, specifically Paris Hilton. He also discussed the explosion of EDM in the US and how it’s resulted in different types of DJs.

Noted DJ and producer A-Trak spoke exclusively with VladTV on celebrity DJ's and how dance music has helped inspire the next wave of DJ's. A-Trak, who won over Kanye West with his impeccable scratching skills has a long history with the art since he was 15 years old. After winning major DJ competitions like the DMC and Vestax, the A-Trak went on to tour with Kanye West and continue his art through various groups like Duck Sauce and his latest project with Cam'ron.
With the producer coming a long way in the game, he doesn't have much to say about celebrity DJ's like Paris HILTON, Solange Knowles and socialites who are paid generously to spin.
"If there's people that want to see or hear that, that's her [Paris] hustle," he said. "I think it's important for the universe to balance out. As long as there's guys on the other end that are keeping real DJ'ing alive, and fans can really choose what they want to see and hear [and] there's an education process where people can tell the difference between the two then that's all that matters to me."

DJ Craze’s Definition of a ‘Real DJ’

DJ Craze Calls Out EDM DJs in “New Slaves” Scratch Routine

Miami’s DJ Craze is going after EDM elite DJs Paris Hilton (NOTE: not a DJ), David Guetta, and Steve Aoki, as well as mass society’s overall perception of the person’s job behind the decks.

It’s in a new promo video that shows Craze watching clips of DJs like those mentioned above DJs while a Tosh .0 DJ rant plays in the background. Craze then gets up from the couch and shows the world what’s up with an aggressive “New Slaves” routine.

A conversation about what it means to be a “real DJ” wouldn’t be complete without hearing from DJ Craze. Regarded as one of the best turntablists of all-time, Craze is still the only solo DJ to win three DMC World DJ Championships consecutively (1998–2000).

Although famous for his technical abilities, Craze started off with party rocking as his main goal. In a recent Instagram response to A-Trak’s comments about “real DJing,” the Nicaraguan-born DJ not only praised some of his fellow turntablists, but also festival DJs such as Diplo, Laidback Luke, and Flosstradamus, who he referred to as “absolute dons.”

“My turn. This is a subject that I’m really passionate about. I’ve been actively DJing since 96. I’ve seen the Dj game change over the years, mostly for the better with technology and skill level. I am more of a Tablist so for me skills has always been my focus looking up to the gawds QBERT, Roc Raida, Noize, Mix Master Mike, Kentaro and Atrak just to name a few. But I did start off as a selector so rocking a party was always my main goal. People like Kid Capri, Andy C, J Rocc and Gaslampkiller inspire me with the selection and raw skills. All of these dudes are ‘Real DJs’ in my opinion because they take chances and continue to take it to the next level. But I don’t sleep on the fact that DJ’s are entertainers and are there to rock the party/festival. Laidback Luke, Flosstradamus and Diplo are absolute dons when in control of a crowd and to me that’s real DJing at its finest. So now let’s talk about technology … For me I could give three shits what you use .. Ableton, sync button, cdjs or controllers as long as you get creative and are not cheerleading for most of your sets. …. What’s your definition of #realdjing ?”

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Ok look... this is all nice and cool, but who wants to listen to this? These scratch sounds could be implemented into the music itself. I would rather just listen to the music itself, without any scratches or repetetive stuff...
Its fine if DJs just press Play, its not fine when they are acting like they are doing something.
Lets remember what Djs were for: Just to fade/ mix the one song into the other so it doesnt get silence, because that kills the fibe in a club. Thats it. No need to scratch or act like you are doing something. Just fade one song into the other and thats it...