2014. nov. 2.

Disco-világ: Budapest (a francia kapcsolat)

Elismerő írás jelent meg a francia Phonographe Corp-ban Budapestről, és éjszakai (club)életéről.

Budapest is often considered abroad as the « Eastern Paris ». Budapest makes a profit of its perfect location at the very center of Europe to attract tourists and catch artists on tour between Berlin and the eastern side of the continent. The city provides huge historic and wanderful buildings and big green spaces such as Margrit Island. Budapest is actually the perfect city for sightseeiung and partying ! Its nightlife is reknowed for its dynamism and very cheap, even if lots of clubs closed due to a government policy in the 2010s. We made an overview of which clubs and bars you can find in the city. This is kind of a love declaration to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
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