2015. febr. 23.

Mother fucka fake Deeeee Jaaaay - Get the fuuuuuuck out...

Are You A Button Pushing Fake DJ?

Melléklet a "gombnyomogatók" című íráshoz.

“Fake DJ” is a sonic retort to all the talk going on right now about what it means to be a real DJ. There’s an original mix (more suited for the big room house dancefloors and a DJ Sneak version that takes cues from the house music sounds in Chicago and New York that we’re happening back in the day…

Here are the lyrics too, so you can sing along. Everybody now!

In the beginning there was the DJ
The DJ built the groove
Felt the groove
Mixed the groove
Two turntables and a mixer!

The DJ was your conductor
He was your guide
He was your Guarantee that you were going to lose your mind

But somethin’s happening to all that
All this hype
All these gawwwd Damn — lap ——-top DJs
Every mother fucka is callin themselves
A Deeeee Jaaaay

Just cause you got yoself a laaaaaap top
Don’t mean you’re a Deeeee Jay.

Get the fuuuuuuck out

Lemme tell you, you’ve got to mix with your ears
You learns to mix with your ears
You’ve gotta watch the floor
You’ve gotta pick the right tracks
And you’ve got to build the groove

Not with wave forms
Not with sync buttons
Not with the latest mash-ups or gimmicks
Not with the latest programs
You’ve got to build the groove
With two turntables and a mix
But what they don’t understand
Is that you pay your price
You earn your spot
You get your shit right.

You got to get it right

We’ve gotta spread this truth
Of all these button pushin
Fake ass
No mixin’ fake DJs

It’s just gotta stop
We gotta STOP!

We gotta STOP!

Take your pre recorded
Button pushing
Fake ass mixin

And get the fuuuuuuck out.

Fake ass DJs
Everywhere I look I see a bunch of fake ass DJs