2015. okt. 8.

Scratch rekord

The world’s largest scratch session

Tokióban -a Redbull Thre3style competitions- rendezvényre gyűltek össze a világ legjobb technikás DJ-i, ahol versenyen kívül összeálltak egy rendkívüli produkcióra. (The turntablist jamboree included 2015 national champions as well as veterans Jazzy Jeff, DJ Qbert, D-Styles and DJ Kentaro.)

Négy fős csapatokban összesen 40-en alkották az eddigi legnagyobb  scratch sessiont.
Egy óra alatt kellet minden csapatnak 16 taktus, 80 bpm-es scratch szólót játszania.
Ezekből mixelték össze az alábbiakban is látható 8 perces felvételt.

Mindez a Red Bull szervezésében történt, így ez a leghitelesebb tájékoztató az eseményről:

Red Bull Studios Tokyo
(22 órája · szerkesztve )
This year's ‪#‎3Style‬ World Finals were full of countless memories but this one was the business. So many DJS, from so many backgrounds, from all over the world, with the essentially one thing in common THE LOVE OF DJING. Since we had full access to a world class studio Red Bull Studios Tokyo, some of the best to ever do it, and with the help of our friends at Serato and Pioneer DJ and the launch of the new S9 mixer, we figured let's try something completely off the wall.

We split 40 of them up randomly into 10 teams of 4 and assigned each team a studio session to make a beat and come up with a group routine. We gave them one simple creative constraint, lock in at 80 bpm. The teams all then had an hour to knock out a beat and discuss their individual parts. On Friday we brought them all into what was one of the craziest productions most any of us had ever seen. So mech gear! Each team was given a mini rehearsal/soundcheck and then it was time to take a run at this ‪#‎iScratchTokyo‬ mayhem.

This is the first and only take of the totality of the work. The feeling in that room at the end will forever be indescribable. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING PART OF THIS #3Style ‪#‎realdjing‬ moment.

The world’s largest record-breaking scratch session:

Az előkészületek:

A kész, 8 perces produktum:

A négy fős csapatok véletlenszerű összeállítása:


Jazzy Jeff 
J.Espinosa (US champion 2015)
Eskei83 (World Champion 2014)
Kut Real (Albania 2015)

Karve (World Champion2010)
DJ Cinara  (Brazil champion 2014, 2015)
Charly Hustle  (Canada champion 2015)
DJ Pho  (Colombia champion 2011, 2012)

Bomber Selecta  (Thailand champion 2015)
Dan Gerous (Germany champion 2015)
DJ N.3.Z (Azerbaijan champion 2015)

DJ Ride (Lucky Bastid/Portugal, 2015)
Mr. Skin (Taiwan champion 2014)
Shintaro (World Champion 2013)

Ren (Japan champion 2011)
DJ D!n D!n (Taiwan champion 2015)

DJ Kentaro
Skratch Bastid
DJ VaZee (Poland champion 2015)
DJ Wiz (Swiss champion 2015)

DJ Twist (Azerbaijan champion 2013, 2014)
DJ Iku
Four Color Zack (World Champion 2012)
DJ 69  (Kosovo champion 2015)

8Man (Japan champion 2011, 2012)
Aspirins (Latvia champion 2015)
Carlo Atendido (Philippines champion 2014, 2015)

DJ Craze
Bazooka (Swiss champion 2011, 2013)
DJ Tezz (South Korea champion 2015)
Hedspin (World Champion 2011)

DJ Qbert
DJ Byte (World Champion 2015)
DJ B=Ball (Japan champion 2015)
Nedu Lopes (Brazil champion 2011, 2012, 2013)