2015. okt. 5.

Hátizsákos DJ

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Magma Riot DJ Backpacks

The Magma Riot Backpack is the ultimate solution to transport digital vinyl systems, such as Serato or Traktor Scratch. It features pockets for a laptop computer, a small controller or DJ mixer, laptop stand, records, sound card, headphones, and more.


Magma Riot DJ Backpacks részletes bemutatása:

Magma's Riot is the company's top-of-the-line range of bags designed for DJs who travel a lot. Today I've got the smallest (simply called the Riot DJ Backpack) as well as the largest (the humungous Riot DJ Backpack XXL) up for review. Let’s dive right in!
The first impression they give is simply of being really sturdy. Although soft, they are angular, with tightly rounded corners and both horizontal and vertical thick nylon tension / compacting straps adding to the "squared off" feel. They're also full of pockets, which are quite square, too (well, rectangular to be exact).
The backpacks are a bit unusual in that the primary material is tough PVC tarpaulin, which allows - along with the sealed zips - for Magma to realistically make the claim that they're 100% waterproof. Now I'm in the Mediterranean as a write, with the temperature approaching 30C (not bad for October! I know, I know, someone's got to do it...), so that does mean it's hard for me to test their "waterproofness" (and I'm not throwing it in the swimming pool, that'd be unfair). But I reckon all but a fireman's hose-worth of water would comfortably stay out of bags like these.
Where these bags are really very much similar to 90% of DJ bags in the market is that they're black in colour all the way. Internally, Magma has gone for a bright red that serves as a great contrast against tiny items that are difficult to spot like black USB sticks, SD cards, and car keys. They're generously padded inside, and the shoulder straps are decently padded too to make those long commutes easier. The straps come with metal buckles and can be fastened together into a chest harness as needed. There are carry handles on the top for both models, as well as a side handle for the XXL, though I wish the padding in them were a bit thicker on the XXL as of course it can hold heavier / bulkier gear…
US$299 for the Riot DJ XXL,
US$199 for the Riot DJ Backpack