2020. máj. 2.

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Spillers Records, Queen's Arcade, Cardiff

A világ legrégebbi lemezboltja a Spillers Records.

Ezt igazolja a Guinness is: "Spillers Records has been running as a record shop in Cardiff, Wales, UK non-stop since 1894."

It was opened in 1894 in the Queen’s Arcade by Henry Spiller and precedes Alfred Clark’s Philadelphia store by 2 years. Henry Spiller sold phonographs and wax phonograph cylinders before moving into gramophones and shellac discs as they were invented.

Spillers relocated to another street, The Hayes, just after the Second World War and it remained there until recently.

 ITV Made a documentary about us, called "The Oldest Record Shop In the World".

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The Search For The Oldest Record Store in the World

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